Monday, September 28, 2009

Memoir in Progress

Herein you will find samples of the memoir I began in earnest last Spring. It is not exactly emerging from whole cloth so to say, but rather is the first project I've allowed myself freedom from the tyranny of chronology or even literal and factual events.
Although the majority of events are from experience, I have taken considerable liberty as to how to present sequence or emphasis or how much to understate or exaggerate. It is up to the reader to decide how much they might care about such trivialities.

Ultimately I would frankly like to find a commercial outlet. There is, furthermore a substantial body of illustration already in various states of completion that are directly related to some of the events and places in the narrative.

One final comment is that I do not necessarily intend that the sequence of entries from this body of writing will be published here in the order they may finally appear in print. It is to be noted that at the present time there have been twenty two revisions to the text thus far.
No only would I welcome commercial inquiry, but also any constructive commentary others might make that would further add to my understanding of the effectiveness of what I have chosen to present here.
It is my hope that at least some of this is received as being of interest and enrichment to the reader. It is a work in progress still. Peter Ashlock September 28, 2009

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